HCG Diet: 3 Tips To Help You Maintain Weight During Phase 3

If you have finished the phase 2 stage of the HCG Diet plan, then the next phase can be challenging. While the focus of phase 2 was losing weight, the focus of phase 3 is to maintain the new weight. Hence it is also called the stabilizing phase. And below, we list out three tips to help you complete this phase successfully.  

Avoid Starch And Sugar

During the Phase 3 period, you should try to avoid all food items that have starches and sugars in them. A good way to do this will be to check the labels on each food product you buy. Try to avoid all products which have ingredients whose name ends with “ose”. For example, fructose, glucose, dextrose, and so on. These are sugars that will go on to increase your weight if consumed excessively. Starchy ingredients like corn starch, maltodextrin etc. also have to be avoided. And since you are already reading the labels, it might also be a good idea to check for ingredients like MSG, sucralose etc. and avoid such products since they are not good for your overall health.  

Glycemic Index

If you are unsure about which foods to eat and which to avoid during phase 3, then a good way to do this will be to use the glycemic index. The index shows the effects of a particular food on the blood sugars. For example, since your main goal during phase 3 is to maintain the weight, you can opt to stick with food items that have a glycemic index value of 30 or less. In addition, consuming foods that are rich in protein and fiber will also help you control the blood sugar levels.  But do remember that only using the glycemic index to select food items is not recommended. It should ideally be used as an additional tool to decide on the eatable foods during the period. And if you have any trouble coming up with yummy recipes for the phase 3 period, then check the internet for suggestions. For example, this HCG-Approved Phase 3 – Hot Chocolate Pudding recipe helps you fulfill your craving for chocolate while ensuring that you don’t consume too much sugar.

Keep Old Food Habits In Check

If you have had a habit of gorging on junk food which was loaded with fats and sugars, then the HCG diet program over the past weeks would have helped to gain control over such cravings. However, the real test begins now. Staying away from such junk foods is easy for a few weeks. But can you maintain it during phase 3 and moving forward? It is highly recommended that you do so. Only then can you keep your weight at manageable levels. If you go back to eating all those sugary, fatty foods, then you will simply pack on excess weight in no time. And all the efforts you put in to abide by the strict diet over the past weeks will be wasted.

So, make sure to follow the above tips when you are in phase 3 of the HCG diet plan, and you will have an easier time maintaining your weight.