HGH For Sale In Canada

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Human Growth Hormone, from where does it come?

Your brain, it has pituitary gland which produces somatotropic cells which helps in the storage and release of HGH through the body. It occurs during rapid eye movement sleep. The somatotropic cells release Human growth Hormone in the blood. 

The liver transfers the HGH to insulin growth factor. The major function of IGF is to help in tissue regeneration, enhancement of the immune system and increment in bone density. If the Insulin Growth Factor level is low, the person experiences depression, tiredness, excessive fat and anxiety.  

HGH helps you to fight aging

Hormones are a primary messenger of human body. And HGH plays a vital role in it. When a person is in their twenties, you have efficient level of growth hormone in your blood, but as you age, the vital hormones decrease.

The HGH levels aren’t stable and this is why they unnaturally get low leading to several health issues. Low HGH in body may impact your metabolism and may cause depression, weakness and poor sex drive.

Research suggests that it also helps in fighting aging, better metabolism and muscle building. Men and women undergoing hormone therapy with Human Growth Hormone feel younger and stronger.

The therapy is unique for every individual, but an average man would need a dose of around 2.0IU (international units) daily. The patient should get the injection for 5 days in every week.

Women may need less (1.0 to 1.4), but the schedule remains same 5 days every week.

You should inject the HGH before sleep to make sure you get the best anti-aging results. It is suggested that a living hormone may be present in powder form which is diluted to form an injection. Once injected the substance enters your bloodstream directly and starts to function. The injection isn’t just used by athletes and bodybuilders but also by people interested in quick rejuvenation approach.

Growth hormone is secreted constantly in the body and the highest level is observed at the night during sleep, one hour before going to sleep. Thus, a good quality sleep is essential for better muscle building, even when HGH injections are done regularly.

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