How You Can Have The Benefits From The CBD Suppositories

Constipation is an increasingly serious problem. It affects a growing group of people. It is estimated that 20% of adults are struggling with it. Twice more often applies to women. How to defeat him in natural ways?

The period of constipation is defined as too low frequency of bowel movements (2 per week). They accompany disorders of the large intestine. It happens that their appearance is related to drugs used in the therapy of chronic diseases. The use of the CBD Suppositories makes it essential in this case.

If constipation has occurred suddenly, someone who has never had problems with them must not be underestimated. This may be the first symptom of a disease whose quick detection will give a better chance of recovery.

Causes of constipation

The list of diseases and ailments that may be associated with constipation is very long. Much also depends on our lifestyle.

The most common causes of constipation are:

  • incorrect diet,
  • taking too little liquid,
  • too little physical activity,
  • diabetes,
  • hemorrhoids,
  • pregnancy,
  • some neurological diseases, e.g. Parkinson’s disease,
  • sudden change in the way of nutrition (diet).

How to deal with constipation?

Constipations will not disappear by themselves. If we do not know the reason for their appearance or do not change our daily habits, the problem may get worse. To prevent this you need to look critically at your diet. It is worth checking which components dominate in it. Let’s also think about whether we do not miss a solid dose of traffic. If we are taking medication, read the leaflet to see if they can be responsible for constipation.

You can fight with constipation in many different ways. Natural methods and a change in lifestyle are very effective. Meet 10 rules that will help you forget about the problem.

Regular meals

Regular meals, consumed slowly, are one of the most important aspects of the fight against constipation. In composing a menu it is worth paying attention to increasing the amount of fiber in the diet. It irritates the walls of the intestine, thus stimulating peristaltic movement. It accelerates the excretion of fecal masses, prevents constipation and intestinal diseases, including colorectal cancer.

Valuable sources of fiber are:

  • whole-grain cereal products (eg brown rice, wholemeal bread, groats),
  • legume seeds,
  • fruits, including apples, plums, apricots, strawberries,
  • vegetables, among others beetroot.

Remember about water

As far as we remember about food, we forget about frequent watering. We do it only when we feel thirsty. It is not enough. For proper work, the body needs the right amount of fluids. The mineral water will best complement them. It is worth having it at hand at work and at home.

Special applications are available, reminding you to reach for a glass of water. It is worth installing it on your smartphone, if you forget about regular replenishment of liquids.

Physical activity

Movement is a medicine for everything. It prevents many diseases, helps to keep the body in good health and improves well-being. It is also a valuable element of prevention of constipation . In this case, running, cycling, gymnastics will be the best choice. Exercises will stimulate metabolism and facilitate bowel movements.

Take care of the rhythm of the day

Our body does not like rapid changes. They are sometimes necessary, but definitely better when most days pass in a similar rhythm (which does not mean that they are always the same and boring).