Keto Diet

Keto Diet And Allulose: Use And Benefits

The hectic work schedules and busy lives of people, in general, have resulted in unhealthy lifestyles and food habits. In the recent decades, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of people being obese and overweight and this has also resulted in a number of diseases even among children. These situations have led to the invention of different kinds of diets for cutting down body fat and losing weight.

Paleo, Atkins, and Keto which are low in carbs are few of the popular diets. The ketogenic diet is one that has been adopted by a huge number of people in the last few years. Ketones, the energy created by the burning of fat, are used to run one’s body and help a person attain metabolic ketosis. The intake of carbs has to be kept as low as possible because this diet lets you consume high levels of fat. The ratio of fat to carbohydrates plus proteins varies depending on one’s goals. This is one diet that includes a lot of fat in the diet plan. Say hello to your new friends, butter, and bacon!

Allulose: What is it?

The gaining popularity of low- carb diets has resulted in food manufacturers experimenting and finding low-carb sweeteners that have a few to zero calories. These sweeteners have little effect on the levels of insulin and blood glucose and no side effects that are harmful. Allulose is one sweetener that has been gaining steady demand after its entry into the markets and is likely to remain so for a good number of years. So, what is allulose? It is a naturally occurring sweetener that’s low in calorie.  This sweetener that occurs naturally in raisins, maple syrup and figs, has the same texture of sugar and the calorie level is just 0.2 per gram!

Allulose: How healthy is it?

The FDA has approved allulose with a GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) rating. Certain studies done on dogs have shown that allulose reduces the insulin and blood sugar levels, therefore, it is considered to be good for diabetics and an excellent choice for people on a keto diet.

Calorie level

The calorie level in allulose is not zero but 0.2, according to FDA, which is extremely low. Certain studies done on animals have shown its ability to lower one’s blood sugar levels.

A food ingredient

Manufacturers of health food have started using allulose in their low-carb foods like snack bars and cookies

Allulose in keto recipes

Allulose is 70% as sweet as sugar and is in the form of a white powder normally. Some companies are manufacturing it in the form of syrup. Both of these products are available on online markets from where you can purchase it. This is being widely used by people following the keto diet in their recipes as its low in carbs.

With the same sweet and clean taste you get from sugar, allulose is one sweetener that is gaining popularity by the day. The almost zero level of calories has resulted in more and more people including it in their diet as part of their healthy lifestyles.