Nature’s Guide To Your Natural Beauty And Skincare

The beauty and skincare industry have reached new greater heights because of the development of technology. And today, in a time when your beauty and skin speak for you – many are convinced to undergo skincare treatments, even though most of the times it hurts.

“Pretty hurts”, as they would always say. But, does pretty really need to hurt? Why would choose a painful treatment, when you can have a Cruelty Free Skincare.

Now, natural is the latest trend in beauty and skin care. But what is Natural skin care? There are many varying definitions of natural. However, when we say “natural skin care” – it means the use of all vegan ingredients, toxins and irritants free.

Since, natural skincare is natural, they would never be painful; and there is a higher percentage of getting the results you wanted. But every skincare – natural or not – varies according to your skin type.

Knowing Your Skin Type

Our genetics determine our skin. But it can be greatly affected by all of the outside or external factors it has been exposed to. Because different skin types need different types of care and attention, knowing your skin type is important before using any skin care product. But using the best cruelty free skincare Australia is very much advisable.

There are five basic skin types. They are as follow:

  • Normal Skin – Normal skin is hard to detect. It does not stand between oily or dry. Normal skin means it is not dry or oily. Normal skin exhibits small pores that can not be easily seen. It commonly displays less lines and wrinkles, with generally even skin tone and no marked blemishes.
  • Dry Skin –A skin which has less sebum production is commonly referred to as dry skin. Dry skin usually feels tight, because it lacks in moisture. It is prone to having premature wrinkles and irritation. Dry skin exhibits an almost invisible pores, scaly patches, and flaking.
  • Oily Skin –Oily skin, on the other hand, is the opposite of dry skin. This is a skin type where in the skin produces so much sebum, known to as seborrhea. This causes the skin to look shiny and feel greasy. Oily skin is prone to acne breakouts.
  • Combination Skin – This is the most common skin type but can be very hard to identify and treat. Combination skin – the combination of dry and oily skin. This type of skin tends to be oily on the T-zone but is dry on the other parts.
  • Sensitive Skin –Sensitive skin attributes an immense amount of redness and can be easily triggered. It may display the characteristics of all other skin types.

Benefits of Natural Skincare Products

Using a Cruelty Free Skincare product will enhance the natural beauty of your skin. We will give you more reasons why you should go to natural.

  • It is Eco and environmentally friendly.
  • It avoids irritation.
  • It does not have strange side effects.
  • Not overly fragrant.
  • Gentler over time.