Think Before Swapping Your Meal With A Replacement Shake

Sure you have seen some amazing before and after pictures of meal replacement shake ‘dieters’. And, it’s quite natural to dream of losing weight, dropping fat and proudly share your own before and after pictures on Instagram. The advertisements of these shakes too are very intimidating as you just need to swap your one meal a day with one of these shakes.

Is the process of getting slim so easy with these shakes?

Well, yes, these meal replacement shakes have been proved to be very effective in losing weight without compromising your health. In fact, you get more balanced nutrients with these shakes. But, there is a procedure you must follow to get the proper benefit of meal replacement shake diets.

Plan a proper meal – First of all, decide which meal you are going to swap with your shake. You can’t go like drinking the shake for breakfast today and taking it for dinner the other day. If you want to burn fat faster replace your biggest meal or you can choose the time when you are so busy that chewing food feels like a big task.

In addition, you should also plan what you will eat for your other meals of the day. If you drink shake for a meal and gulp junk foods for the other meals, there won’t be a benefit.

Choose the right meal replacement shake – The market is full of options for the replacement shakes each claiming itself as best. So, choose wisely. You can read the tried and tested experiences also known as Shakeology reviews. While choosing the one to consider the taste, texture, price as well as availability of the product.

It is a good idea to buy different flavors so that you don’t get bored drinking same flavor every single day of the week for a whole long month.

Keep a measurement of your goal and success – Before starting your meal replacement shake diet weigh yourself and measure your fat storing areas like thigh, hips, waist, and chest. Note down everything in your notepad and take all the measurement once a week. When you can see your achievements in a measurable unit you’ll stay motivated to keep up the good routine.

You might think of taking before and after pictures. It is completely okay to do that if you like but you cannot see a clear difference in pictures just after a week. And, pictures actually don’t give a perfect idea as sometimes you look slimmer or fatter based on the camera angle too.

Include some physical exercise in your routine – Although you can lose weight with the meal replacement shake without exercise including some would help you reach the goal faster. It doesn’t matter if you do push-ups, aerobics or simple morning walk. Just make sure you get yourself indulged in some physical activities.

Till now you must have got the idea that losing weight with a meal replacement shake is a very easy task. And, if you do it smartly as discussed above you’ll get a better result in comparatively lesser time.

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