Visit Dr, Dream And Get That Dream Skin You So Much Desire

Beauty is an essential aesthetic to all of us. A thought into the self-esteem it develops in us to some level of high confidence and booking you a seat on the table of greats tickles us. But beauty is like a farm, and it has to be cared for, or at times investing in it. One condition that affects our face is the growth of hair. This condition is no longer or should no longer be considered as a problem anymore because here in Australia we have a Laser and Skin Clinic performing permanent facial hair removal and enhancing beauty. This fantastic skin clinic by dr. dream has been in Melbourne since 2012.

What dr. dream clinic does

dreams offer a variety of services such as aesthetic surgery, skin treatments that are non-invasive and cosmetic products with medicinal properties. We give clients an opportunity to get to experience and undergo skin treatments, buy authentic and legit products that work remarkably to provide them with a beautiful skin and a fantastic look that they wish for and dream of. We have a group of disciplined, passionate, well trained, competent and experienced skin specialists who walk with you every step of the recovery path from assessment to correction and finally to recovering. They are ever there for you lead by Anla Tan and her commitment to helping solve all skin problems and bolster their look and give it some glow.

A slight narrative of how this all began is that Anla had a skin condition and she underwent some treatment that became a life changer at dr. dream. She received some natural treatment coupled with promising, reliable and trusted results that lasted for a long time. That impressed and inspired her to change her career, and brought dr. dream to the fantastic people of Australia to experience the same treatment and much more which has its roots in Korea. In Korea, this Laser and Skin Clinic has made a name for itself as the No. 1 aesthetic and plastic surgery clinic of choice. We are known to be the leaders in using the latest technology in skin care, and we are now and then improving it by being innovative and carrying out researches.

Types of laser treatments offered in our facility

We perform laser dermatology aimed at treating various skin problems such as permanent facial hair removal, melisma, worry lines, acne, rosacea, scarring, skin signs of aging, e.g., sagging, dull complexion and crow’s feet. The laser treatments carried out by our skin specialists include and are not limited to:

  • Laser Toning
  • Laser scar removal
  • Laser Teels
  • Laser face resurfacing
  • Gold Toning

The choice of the type of the laser treatment to be administered to a client is dependent on the skin type and skin issue that needs treatment. We also offer free consultations and walk our clients through the options we have available and what is the best treatment for them. Contact us and book an appointment now.

Why settle for laser treatment

After undergoing laser treatment, the results are visible immediately you walk out of the treatment room. Our processes compared to facial therapies go much deeper underneath the skin. But it’s okay to remember that you will need to attend several sessions depending on your desired results, skin condition and type too.