Boxing Posture

What Are The Types Of Boxing Posture And How You Can Find Yours?

When we think about boxing we mostly think about the way we execute the punch and that about it. Most people do not think that you might need more than your punching style. However, once you get into boxing professionally, you will see that boxing is much more than that. You will have to work on your full body along with the way you stand, your footwork, and the way you hold your body weight and balance it with your shoulders. You might have seen that people claim someone has an aggressive style whereas others have a very defensive style although they are just standing still. They are looking at the proximity of someone who is standing with someone else and how they are holding their body weight. If you are standing far with your hands and elbows very close, this will limit your exposure making you appear defensive.

These simple things are very important because they signify the style of the fighter. There are multiple styles of standing in a right and each style depicts the fighting style of the individual. For most people it gets pretty hard to understand that you can stand in so many ways, however, your feet have an impact and you need to find the boxing stance that suits you. The stance is not just limited to boxing, it is also important for Muay Thai, Jui Jitsu, and other forms of martial arts. Depicting the strength and stability, power dynamic, and speed, this specifically plays a very important role.

With the help of this article, you will be able to know in detail the importance of your Boxing Posture. To help you know about the types, we have also listed some of the best postures and a simple way that can help you find a posture that suits your boxing style the best.

Types Of Boxing Stance That You Can Choose:-

If we look at the types of boxing posture that are four main postures. Some people try to alter them according to their personal choices as well but it all comes down to your fighting technique.

Crouching Stance

This style is rather defensive as it allows you to reduce the surface area by bending and crouching down. The main idea is to bend your knees and keep them a little close so you can balance your body easily.

Upright Stance

A little aggressive and very dangerous, this boxing posture is usually used to intimidate the opponent. However, you are standing upright with your shoulders wide apart giving the opponent enough space to target you with full force. Most people get badly injured with this kind of stance but for someone heavy and bulky, this might work the best.

Southpaw Stance

Common among left-handed boxers, this posture is the second most widely used stance so far. Some of the most famous boxers in the industry use this boxing stance.

Orthodox Stance

The most common and famous of all boxing stances is Orthodox Stance. Mostly used by right-handed boxers, this is one of the most widely known and followed boxing stances so far.

How To Select A Boxing Posture That Favours You?

Most people do not know that there are so many different boxing postures that you can use. In most access, instructors will teach you all postures but it will all come back to the one you select for yourself. Most people look for their favourite boxer and select the one that they like, however, you need to know so many different things before you choose the one that favours you. Experts say that you need to keep in mind the mobility of your body along with stability and security. You cannot compromise your security just because you want to attack your opponent more fiercely. Apart from this, you also need to keep in mind the body balance because with wrong body balance you will easily get knocked out. Your range will help you see if you can punch someone who falls within your range; however, compromising on your security by increasing the range will impact you. Apart from this, you need to keep in mind your defence and flexibility as well.


If you are a right-handed person you can select an orthodox stance because it has worked the best for the right-handed boxers so far. However, if you are left-handed boxers you can select Southpaw. Some people use both stances interchangeably however, you need a lot of skill and grip over the technique to perfect that. Most people are aware of the importance of stance and how it affects the fight however, there are a few common mistakes that are committed and can cause you a fight as well.

  • Most boxers spread their shoulders and stand straight which makes them appear tall and so they provide more surface area to hit the opponent. They become an easy target and eventually, this can cause them a fight.
  • It becomes difficult to balance the body because you are trying to shuffle between the front and back foot without aligning them. The alignment gives off a good balance and without that, you might get knocked out very easily.
  • One of the very important yet most ignored parts of the boxing stance is the medical condition of your foot. People do not realize that flat feet can cause hurdles with mobility. Your whole foot touches the ground which means you need more power and time to lift it off. The best way to resolve this issue is to get shoes that suit your needs.
  • Try to reduce the surface area by tucking your chin down into your neck. Most people raise their chin above their hands which only exposes them fully to their opponent. The opponent can take a clear shot of your head and this can cause serious damage.
  • Another important mistake is to not divide the bodyweight on both legs rather put your body weight on the front leg only.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, boxing is not just a way to punch your opponent. It is a style that requires you to stay in full control. You need to make sure you are neither overdoing your posture nor staying away or erect. Your movement needs to be very coordinated otherwise you will face difficulty as well. In short, you need to select a posture that will favour your fighting technique rather than affect your work. In most cases fighters are asked to stand in close proximity to their opponent, this gives them more room to attack but also makes them more vulnerable because the opponent can attack them from all sides. It all comes down to the way you handle your posture and utilize it for your benefit.