You Need To Know Fun Facts About Jiu-Jitsu

One of the fastest-growing combat arts that are getting popular in the world is jiu-jitsu. Whenever you practice any type of sports/workout your body produces a hormone called “endorphins”, which makes you feel happy, and it also holds a positive feeling in your body. You may also feel excited, relaxed, and stress-free if you incorporate any type of workout into your daily routine. Also, workout keeps you away from being depressed and sad.

when you practice jiu-jitsu you get so addicted to it and also you get mentally and physically stronger. So if you want to get the membership of the gym to learn various BJJ skills you need to get proper gym attire first. Elite sports workout clothes are comfortable, durable, and are suitably designed for your workout.

There are certain facts that make jiu-jitsu interesting. Especially the ground fighting skills that make jiu-jitsu interesting and famous. If you are a smaller person and you have command over your BJJ skills, you can defeat the taller person easily, and it’s one of the interesting facts of jiu-jitsu. Jiu-Jitsu is the most practised art and mostly the fighters practice it in order to take down their opponents on the ground, which helps them in winning the match. Also, it provides benefits to people of all ages. I mean from your childhood to your adulthood, and also to young women and adult men, It gives an advantage if you learn its skill and techniques.

Through various surveys, I personally came to know that most people love to practice Jiu-Jitsu because they love rolling and grappling skills. One of the BJJ fighters told me that he has been practising jiu-jitsu for the last many years and he finds it interesting because he feels as if BJJ is like a puzzle, which he has to solve. The other people find it interesting because they have to spend most of their time with other students on the ground rolling.

BJJ is the discipline in which you find yourself in the continuous phase of learning. When you are practising various techniques and gradually if you learn to have a hold over your opponent and you can easily knock them out, trust me it would be the greatest feeling. This feeling which you have experienced would make jiu-jitsu addictive and you will love to learn more and more skills. Along with that, as mostly the ground techniques are used in BJJ along with that, most people love to practise it due to their own defence.

Trust me another amazing feeling would be if you would be able to defend yourself from a taller and stronger person. However, in street fights, grappling and striking techniques are commonly used and are effective as well. So it will be fun to know several other interesting facts about learning jiu-jitsu and other interesting facts which you might be aware of, but before that, if you want to hit the gym, as I mentioned above you need to get suitable workout clothes that should be moisture absorbing and breathable.

Elite sports workout gym outfits are comfortable and are available at an economical price.

In today’s blog, I will describe various fun facts which you need to know. So let’s get started.

Do you know if you are a short, heightened person and you are an expert in jiu-jitsu then you can easily knock down the taller and much stronger person? So just focus on learning various techniques that are also important for your self-defence as well.

The other interesting fact is that In jiu-jitsu, the focus of both fighters is knocking each other down on the floor without executing the strikes.

When Was BJJ Developed?

BJJ was established by Brazilian brothers named Oswaldo, helio Gracia, Carlos, and Gastao jr. George. It first originated in Japan and afterwards, it moved to South America, through Mitsyuo who was a Japanese diplomat and he was also a student of judo. Afterwards in the 1900s Brazilian jiu-jitsu came into its shape by Mitsyuo.

A Japanese Word

Do you know what the phrase jiu-jitsu means?

Jiu-jitsu is the Japanese word, as jiu means “gentleness” and Jitsu means “art”. So you can say that it is expressed as gentle art.


The other interesting fact that you would like to know is that the BJJ uniform is much similar to the uniform that is used in judo but the only difference is that the jiu-jitsu uniform pants, jacket(Gi), and cuffs are much more compact.

Ranking System

In jiu-jitsu, there are ranking systems too, which signifies the progress of a person.

The white belt indicates the lowest rank on the other hand black belts are considered the highest rank. Most of the fighters are blue belts and black belts are lesser in number.

Gi And No-Gi

Do you know that the only person who won the ADC no-gi and Gi is the American athlete named Robert Drysdale?

UFC And Fighting Championships

Royce Gracie introduced jiu-jitsu to UFC as he showed various techniques of jiu-jitsu and showed the world that by using the BJJ skills in an appropriate way, a smaller athlete can defeat the taller fighter. So today most MMA fighters are very aware of BJJ skills.

It’s A Male-Dominant Sport

According to the marketing survey, the total number of BJJ practitioners was 727, out of that 691 were male, and the remaining 36 were women. No doubt today, women are also hitting the gym to practice jiu-jitsu, as it’s important for women as well. I would say, it’s important for every one of us to become an expert in BJJ techniques.  So you can clearly sense that BJJ is actually a male-dominant combat sport. In the further survey, it was investigated that the majority of the athletes were blue belts while the black belts were lesser in number.

Largest Gym Organization

Do you know who is the biggest gym organization in the whole world? Gracie Barra is the biggest gym firm in the world. According to the website BJJsurveys.com, the company holds 12 per cent of the marketing shares of all the gyms in the world.