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Dental Implants And How Do They Work? A Comprehensive Overview

Have you ever missed or lost one of your teeth or several because of a sudden injury, gum disease, or dental decay? If you lose or miss teeth, you will wonder about replacement options. The most practical and helpful method to replace your missed and lost teeth is dental implants. But there are some questions about the procedure and effects of this replacement method. Implants are artificial teeth roots. The dental laboratory makes them from unique biocompatible materials like titanium. Cosmetic dentists will place the titanium artificial tooth root into your jawbone through dental surgery. They will locate the implants in the exact place of your missed and lost tooth. As a dentist offering dental implants in Vancouver explains, your located implants will get to your jawbones and become stable over time. They are the fundamental base of your missed and lost teeth, dental bridge, or dental crown.

How Is Dental Implants Procedure?

To perform the dental implants procedure, cosmetic dentists will get involved with several necessary steps such as below:

  • A cosmetic dentist has to evaluate and check your oral and dental health. Moreover, they need to consider your jawbone’s situation and decide if you are suitable for performing implants. Your gum won’t support the implant materials if you have a very thin or deteriorated jawbone. In this case, bone grafting will be the best choice to make your jawbone strong enough.
  • After your cosmetic dentist knows about your suitable dental and oral condition, they can start dental surgery. They locate the artificial teeth into your jawbone during dental surgery. You will need several months to pass the recovery process. Generally, implants get familiar with your jawbone over several months. You must be careful during recovery time and not put any pressure on your implant site. Don’t forget to follow your cosmetic dentist’s advice and tips after implant surgery.

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What To Do After Dental Implants?

As we said, it takes several months to pass the recovery time of implant surgery. After implant surgery, your cosmetic dentist locates an abutment on the top of your located implant. Do you know what an abutment is?

It is a tiny connector that attaches the artificial teeth firmly as a suitable replacement. Cosmetic dentists check your dental condition and make a unique teeth replacement for your gum and jawbone.

They customize the size, color, and shape of your implants and create artificial teeth like real and natural ones.

The last phase of the implant process is locating the artificial teeth as a dental bridge replacement with the help of an abutment.

After passing all these processes, you will enjoy your beautiful and natural shape teeth which are not real. Your dentists will attach the artificial teeth to your jawbone securely. Implants are the best method to replace your missed tooth.

There are different reasons to choose implants as the best solution. They look the same as your real and natural teeth. In addition, they will work the same as your real and natural teeth. So you can quickly eat, speak and smile without any worry.