Embrace The Great Outdoors On A Walking Holiday

Some people like to spend their holidays lying on a beach – and there’s nothing wrong with that. Others like to be busy and active, to explore and enjoy the best the countryside has to offer. Such people are prime candidates for walking holidays in glorious England.

If you have never experienced the pleasures of a walking holiday, then perhaps you should read on for some  tips on getting the most from this most wholesome, healthy and fun activity.

Why a walking holiday?

Walking holidays are a perfect way of seeing the countryside up close. By actually walking right through Costa Del Sol the heart of a place, you become immersed in the atmosphere and get to see it in all its glory. One of the most convenient and painless ways of taking a walking holiday is to work out the route beforehand and arrange for your luggage to be carried on ahead to your next port of call. With so many charming country inns and B&Bs in the countryside, you can easily work out a good itinerary perfectly tailored to your walking ability, budget and interests. Walking alone, as a couple or with a group of like minded hikers is a great way of spending time.

Where to go

So where are the best places for walking trips in Britain?

The Peak District in central England wins many plaudits for its dramatic landscapes, fine accommodations and challenging but well maintained walking trails. With the grand and beautiful stately home Chatsworth House at its heart, this area makes for a fascinating place to explore. Dig out the maps and work out a route that takes in towns such as Bakewell (grab yourself a delicious tart for lunch!), Matlock, Hathersage and Castleton – see famous natural landmarks such as Mam Tor or the man-made but magnificent Ladybower Reservoir. This is walker’s country so many of the hotels, guest houses and inns are well set up to welcome tired, hungry, muddy, wet individuals – what could be better than settling down in front of an open fire after a long day’s walk across the hills, eating a fine meal then falling in to a comfortable, warm bed?

Some walkers pride themselves on their map reading and like to navigate independently, others choose to have guides show them the way. Expert guides with heaps of local knowledge are able to give informed and interesting talks as they walk the routes and are perhaps better for larger groups of walkers where more organisation is required.

Apart form the Peak District, other regions that boast terrific walking terrain includeThe Cotswolds, Suffolk, Northumberland, The Yorkshire Dales and Moors, The Cornish Coastal Path and the Shropshire Marches.

Positive side effects

Walking is a healthy activity that is known to lower blood pressure and give an overall feeling of well being. Exposure to the great outdoors is enough to put a spring in your step and whilst walking is a gentle form of exercise, there will be times when the paths and trails may get a bit rocky. For more demanding walking tours, it is highly recommended that you train and prepare prior to departure. Put in regular training walks and hikes so that your body is accustomed to the physical demands of a day on the hills, moors, dales or cliff paths. Make sure you pack plenty of plasters and foot care products to treat ailments such as blisters, bruised heels and painful bunions and invest in plenty of comfortable socks and a pair of sturdy, waterproof walking boots.

Other essentials to pack include lightweight waterproof walk-wear made from high-tech fabrics which allow perspiration to be wicked away from the skin’s surface. A hat to keep sun and rain off, some gloves, walking poles, a compass or GPS, torch, penknife, sunglasses, compact binoculars, small rucksack, first aid kit and mobile phone should also be carried. The joy of taking a supported walking holiday, means that all your dry and clean clothes are transported to your next port of call, ready for you to change into on arrival – you don’t have to carry them on your back for miles. Result!

So,next time you are thinking of ideas for an interesting type of holiday, consider an assisted walking trip in Britain. There are many places to choose from and companies willing and ready to support, advise and tailor an itinerary to your unique specifications. Combine beautiful scenery, great food and hospitality in countryside pubs and inns and also gain a real sense of achievement that you have physically walked many miles across England, discovering up close the majesty of the landscape…